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System Integration / Software Development

Our System Integration and Software Development resources have the experience and production past performance for software activities that involve:

  • Extract Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Workflows (Time, User)
  • Data Conversion, Replication, and Data Warehousing
  • Publish-Subscribe Messaging
  • Message Bus, and Queues
  • Splitter, Multiplier, Guaranteed Delivery
  • Canonical Data Set/Metadata mapping

Data transmission file types used are: Flat file, XML, CommerceOne, EDI
Our staff has successfully integrated a number of enterprise systems at different federal and commercial clients. Examples of a few enterprise systems are Momentum Financial, Procurement Desktop, Siebel Communications, MetaSolv, Clarify, Keenan Arbor Billing, Custom Aerospace and defense trading networks, Custom financial applications.

System Integration involves bridging or transformation data between two or more systems and also involves programming data transformation rules before data is migrated. In a System Integration Project that involves two systems; we perform the business analysis and create the interface specification. Once there is agreement on the interface specification, the data is integrated with business transformation rules/logic. Most Commercial Off The Self (COTS) tools provide adapters for standard ERP application; however, for software performance and efficiency our staff have the skills to build custom adapters using JDBC connectors or adapter development kits (ADK, JCA)

We also have expertise in building application programming interfaces using JMS, Service Oriented Architecture (WSDL, SOAP) and web services.

We have expertise in creation of Dart Marts, Data Warehouse, and Data Modeling using Oracle DB; creation of software as a Service, Platform as a Service architecture designs and implementation; and Cloud build out on Linux.

Real-Time Monitoring/Collaboration/Workflows:

We have cutomized COTS and Opensource tools to provide near real-time monitoring with auditing and transaction review functions. As an example the webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) contains a Broker that exchanges information among various publishers and subscribers using a publish/subscribe model. A publisher is one that publishes a transaction and a subscriber is one that subscribes to a transaction. The broker supports varying levels of integrity of data. During communication/transmission of data can either be volatile or guaranteed. If the transmission is guaranteed than there is no loss of data in case of system failure. An ESB provides the capability to read, publish, and receive data to/from a variety of endpoints including mobile devices and websites. Tool provides the functionality for human and time based workflows, which can provisioned using services.

We have expertise in software tools; such as, Java (ADK, JCA, JMS), webMethods

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