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Business and Management Consulting

We have experience in creating and managing a Project Management Offices and General Management Consulting engagements. Below are some sample areas of strenghts:

  • Change Management:

    Agile projects are in a continuous change. Hence if there is a change to a requirement or a user feature, the Team will have to discuss the user feature with the product owner and have the product backlog/sprint backlog updated. The approvals are limited to the product owner.

  • Configuration Management:

    The team will require environments and processes that fit the agile working model. Time management is critical for the team and flexibility with necessary checks are required. The configuration manager will have to adjust or recreate the existing processes and environments to benefit the team.

  • Software Development:

    Depending on project execution strategy, software development processes could be agile, linear, or hybrid. We can help you define the software development processes to support your business.

  • Operations Management:

    Agile project once delivered to production will follow the established operations management processes. Operations management personnel can enhance their daily triage and management processes to include benefits of Agile frameworks; like stand up meetings, instituting new processes using agile iterations. Extreme caution should be exercised with using agile against risk to production.

  • Budget Management:

    Since agile teams may follow the cross functional team model, budgets may need to be adjusted for resource and agile deliverables. Flexible budget management processes that support agile execution should be used. The integrated master schedule would provide the necessary data to drive the budget model.

  • Resource Management:

    Resource management processes will have to be adjusted to accommodate flexible cross functional and committed teams. The integrated master schedule should provide data on resource availability and overloading.

  • Schedule Management:

    Schedule management processes will have to be updated to account for agile execution. Agile projects should be represented on the integrated master schedule to account for high level milestones, resources (people, environments). The integrated master schedule should have internal and external dependency on all current and future projects.

  • Acquisition Management:

    Required product and resource acquisitions that are required for agile product development have to be acquired and placed in service before the start of the agile sprint. With any new acquisition, there is security and other communication impacts. Hence acquired items have to be operational before they are used within agile sprints.

  • Contracts Management:

    Contract management processes have to be updated to support agile projects. Contract financial payments should be negotiated to project deliverables. Every sprint, project milestones, and project deliverables should be called out in the contract and associated to payment.

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