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System Integration

We provide System Integration solutions using SOA and Legacy Integration patterns using software tools; such as, Java (ADK, JCA, JMS), webMethods. Learn More →


Data Architecture & Modeling

We provide Data Architecture modeling, Data Analysis, Reporting, Business Intelligence services. Learn More →


Business Consulting

We provide s variety of Business Consulting services for software development and infrastructure projects. Learn More →

“Two events, simultaneous for one observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion.” - Theory of Relativity


Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

We provide Portfolio, Program, and Project Management services for Software Development and Infrastructure projects. We have SCRUM and PMP Certified Project Managers with Commercial and Government Past Performance to support your needs. Learn More →


Contingency Planning and Business Continuity

Our Contingency Planning specialists will perform business analysis and provide contingency planning services for both preventive and corrective scenarios. We will provide you with customized contingency playbooks and materials for the data center, technology, and resources. Learn More →


Implementation Planning

We provide implementation planning and implementation execution services on your project. Learn More →