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Data Architecture and Modeling

We have experience with modeling and data analytics for both structured and unstructured data.

Data Analytics & Data Marts:

Data analytics usually involves mapping data from different sources and making useful information from it. There may be a need to create specialized data marts for increased performance. The data can be filtered as required. Special customization to reports is sometimes required for deductive and predictive data analytics.


Reports can be customized and executed against the data. We have experience with tools and languages like PL/SQL, Business Objects, Bert to provide enhanced reporting. Rreports/data can be associated to users/groups on a as needed basis. Either reports can be executed real-time or scheduled for background generation.

Trend Analysis:

Data can be continously monitored for trending. It can exported to Microsoft tools for graphs and charts. As an example we can use Java Class POI integration to export data to spreadsheets for enhanced chart and trend analysis.

Business Intelligence/Modeling/Dashboards/Scorecards:

Data is sourced from various sources in structured and unstructured form. This data is modeled or customized for Business Intelligence. Business Objects and other tools (open source birt)can be plugged into the COTS tool for customized business intelligence. The COTS tool provides for process automation and graphs and the we have experience with the opensource/COTS tools in developing/modeling these reports. A customized dashboard/scorecard is created at a defined data refresh frequency for a desired analytics.

Business/Corporate Entity Relationship:

We have created As Is and To Be ERD for corporate operations. This included a mapping of business architecture (business processes, projects), application architecture (applications, software modules, cots products), data architecture (databases), infrastructure (servers, network, storage, devices), governance(contracts, SLA, procedures, policy), workforce management ( employees, external partners, budgets, location)

Application Entity Relationship and Database Support:

We have normalized and denormalized data structures for relational and object oriented application databases. Our focus is with file and oracle databases.

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