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Implementation Planning / Delivery Management

The Key to a successful Project is a successful implementation. A failed implementation is a failed project. Below we have defined our Implementation processes/activities.
Key Implementation milestones are:

  • Go/NoGo (Implementation Risk Meeting) & Stakeholder Approvals
  • Implementation to Production
  • Implementation to Disaster Recovery
  • Implementation Completion
Key implementation artifacts are:
  • Implementation Strategy/Plan
  • Implementation Playbook
  • Implementation Risk Register
  • Implementation Fallback or Rollback plan
  • Implementation Communication Plan
Implementation Strategy/Plan

The Implementation Strategy and Plan are created closer to the completion of SIT or UAT test strategy. At this point the team has the defined the implementation architecture. The strategy defines the key dependencies, both internal and external, software and hardware architecture and a rough timeline. This activity is followed by creation of the implementation playbook.

Implementation Playbook

Implementation playbook layers the implementation steps for time and resource efficiency. A defined playbook could contain an implementation spanning single or multiple days/weekends.  On projects where a failed production implementation has a high impact, the project team executes mock deployments (dry-runs) to validate the playbook.

Implementation Issues/Risk Register

Implementation Issues/Risk Register is a living document that contains all the issues, risk, risk triggers, probability, impact, risk level (high, medium, low), response plan, and mitigation strategy.

Implementation Fallback or Rollback plan

Implementation Fallback plan is a document that contains a mapping of fallback scenarios and as to when they can be triggered along with the functional areas or partners impacted. Some implementation the Fallback plan maybe encapsulated within the Risk Register.

Implementation Communication plan

One of the successful keys to a project is communicate, communicate, communicate. Implementation Communication plan is a defines email templates, bridge numbers, meeting rooms, contact lists of all key stakeholders and implementation team members. Creating this document early on is very important. It also contains planning for outage announcements, release notes, and user guides.

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