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Portfolio Management

We have experience in creating, managing, and closing Corporate Portfolio’s. To create a portfolio, we will gather the cost and business drivers and create a weight-age criteria. This weight-age criterion will play an important role in program/project selection. High level scope statements are created and mapped against, cost, resources, environment, business drivers, etc for WHAT-IF analysis and weight-age criterion. At an execution level the selected projects are continuously tracked with dependent deliverables and cost. To close a portfolio, all executed project dependencies have to mapped and analyzed. The closing has to be staged in multiple stages for least business impact. If you would like to talk to us on Portfolio Management, give us a call or email us

Program Management

Program is usually a collection of projects, with a multiple of them being executed in parallel or in sequence. In our experience, to get into the weeds - Program Management is management and communication of a Master Integrated Project Schedule, Program Risks and Issues; Program Costs; and Project Milestones. We have had successful client experience in Software Program Management and Execution. We have experience in instituting a Project Management Office (PMO) to create, manage, execute, and monitor processes that meets clients needs and culture. Call or email us to learn more.

Project Management

We have experience in successfully managing and executing Agile (SCRUM) and Non-Agile (Waterfall/Linear) Projects. The project manager, the team quality, and the culture play an important role in project execution. In our experience the project framework inclusive of processes is mostly a cookie-cutter. The key role or job function of a Project Manager is to integrate the team, culture, and deliverables. The Project Manager takes the project from the Product Owner/Sponsor to stakeholders, to Product Backlog/Sprint Backlog/Requirements, design, development, testing, and implementation. Call or email us to learn more.